How Much Does SMS Marketing Cost? Know In Brief

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SMS marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques, even now. A recent survey by simpletexting shows that 85% of those who get a text message check it within five minutes. In 2022, Omnisend users sent about 100 million SMS, leading to a 23.8% boost in sales through that medium.

But how much does SMS marketing cost? SMS marketing typically ranges in price from $0.001 to $0.05 per message sent. However, you may expect to pay a little extra for MMS messages that have multimedia components. Sending a large number of messages may increase or decrease these expenses, as might your chosen service provider.

Are you willing to take your business to the next level using SMS marketing? Let’s go ahead and learn all the deets about it! 

What Is SMS Marketing?

Short Message Service marketing, or “SMS marketing,” is a form of digital marketing that involves sending and receiving text messages to interact with consumers. This includes sending brief promotional text messages to mobile phone users.

For many years, SMS marketing has reached a high potential to gain more customer attention and grow a business. It’s a powerful kind of communication since it lets companies talk to their customers directly through their mobile devices. 

If you compare to other marketing methods, SMS messages have the special benefit of being opened and read quickly, frequently within a few minutes of delivery.

Promotional offers, discounts, event announcements, appointment reminders, purchase updates, and customer interaction messages are just some of the many uses for SMS marketing. 

The Purpose Of SMS Marketing

The Purpose Of SMS Marketing

Short Message Service (SMS) text messages are used in SMS marketing to help businesses and organizations reach their marketing and communication goals. You can use SMS marketing for your project for the following purposes:

  • Promotions: Customers are constantly notified of promotions, discounts, and other promotional opportunities through SMS marketing. You can send an SMS that lets them know about what you are offering and urges them to make purchases or seize special opportunities.
  • Customer Engagement: Direct and personal communication with clients is made possible with SMS marketing. As a result, you will get more customer engagement by keeping them informed, interested, and engaged with the brand.
  • Customer Retention: Retaining and fostering connections with current clients is a proven strategy of SMS marketing. Businesses may increase client loyalty through the distribution of special offers, loyalty prizes, and post-purchase follow-ups.
  • Event Promotion: SMS marketing can help you spread the word about upcoming events like concerts, seminars, and product launches. It’s an effective strategy for spreading information about an event and attracting more people to attend.
  • Lead Generation: By incentivizing subscribers to opt in, companies may build a database of interested customers for use in future marketing campaigns.
  • Time-Sensitive Information: Short Message Service (SMS) is a rapid and dependable route for sending time-critical messages, including emergency notifications, product recalls, and crisis updates.
  • Targeted Marketing: Thanks to SMS marketing systems, organizations can typically divide their target audience into smaller subsets based on factors like geography and past purchases. 

How Much Does SMS Marketing Cost?

How Much Does SMS Marketing Cost

The cost of SMS marketing may vary depending on different factors. MMS messages cost somewhat more since they may include up to 1600 characters and data like emojis, photos, and short videos, whereas SMS texts cost between $0.001 and $0.05 for each message. 

However, there may be additional fees when sending a text message overseas. An international SMS message may cost anywhere from $0.25 to $0.50, depending on your provider and package.

Compared to email campaigns, the cost of sending an SMS campaign is lower since messages may be delivered to several recipients at once. SMS campaign expenditures are comparable to the price of sending a single text message. 

If you consider using an SMS campaign, its cost may be estimated by multiplying the cost per SMS by the total number of messages to be sent. SMS campaigns aim for a wider audience, so keep that in mind. 

In the United States, the cost of sending a text message campaign of 1,000 messages would be $49, assuming a cost per text of $0.049. The cost may also be affected by the number of messages sent and the medium utilized.

Factors That Affect SMS Marketing Cost 

As we mentioned, different factors may affect your SMS marketing cost. Therefore, here are a few factors to consider: 

  • Service Provider: First of all, your service providers determine the cost of your SMS marketing. Providers may provide a variety of price structures, such as per-use, subscription, or volume-based fees. Features, service quality, and availability of customer care may all affect pricing.
  • The Volume Of Texts: Of course, your marketing cost will depend on how many texts you want to send. The price per message sent through many SMS marketing services decreases as the amount of messages sent increases. 
  • Message Type: Different types of messages cost differently. For instance, MMS will cost you more than SMS. As MMS messages contain different types of content, that causes the add up of additional charges.
  • Destination: Depending on the target country or location, the cost of sending a message may increase or decrease. Due to international carrier fees and regulations, sending an overseas SMS typically costs more than sending a domestic message.
  • Short Codes: There may be additional costs for setting up and renting shortcodes for the express purpose of branding. This is an important consideration because short codes are frequently utilized for SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

SMS Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

Both SMS marketing and email marketing have their distinctions. Typically, text messages have quite high open rates and instantaneous reaction time. Therefore, it is a good way to send time-sensitive communications. 

This channel is more suited for promotional messages, event reminders, and transactional alerts because of its directness and personal nature. 

Email marketing, on the other hand, has a wider range of applications and is better suited to longer pieces like newsletters, in-depth articles, and campaigns with graphic elements. 

Although email has the potential for greater interaction because of the inclusion of links and media, it also runs the risk of being ignored or relegated to a spam bin. 

If you compare both, they are both amazing tools to run in your marketing game, as their approaches are different. However, typically, users benefit more from SMS marketing than the other ways.

How To Maximize ROI On SMS Marketing?

If you want to maximize your ROI on SMS marketing, there are certain tips to follow. Here are some of the tips that experts share: 

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity while expanding your subscriber base. The more targeted your audience is, the better your conversion rate will be.
  • Divide your subscriber list into subgroups depending on subscribers’ interests, demographics, and past purchases. The sections need to be highly relevant so it gets in the right place.
  • Don’t set yourself for anything typical. Your communications should be clear, captivating, and succinct. Use compelling calls to action and special discounts, rebates, or other incentives to get people to take quick action. 
  • You have to schedule your SMS appropriately to increase read rates. Keep the habits and time zones of your readers in mind. 
  • Maintaining a steady presence in your subscribers’ minds requires a balance between sending too few messages and sending too many. Create a regular time for communication and refrain from sending unnecessary or irrelevant messages.
  • For better tracking and analysis of your communications’ click-through rates, think about adopting abbreviated URLs. You may then compare the results of several campaigns and evaluate the value of individual links in them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SMS Marketing Cost-Effective?

The answer is yes; many people believe that SMS advertising saves money. High open and click-through rates are provided at a minimal cost per SMS message. 

How Much Does SMS Text Blasting Cost?

The price of sending a text blast depends on the amount of people you intend to contact and how often you intend to contact them. Many companies use SMS marketing because it is inexpensive (usually less than $30/month to begin).

Does SMS Marketing Work for B2B?

Although short message service (SMS) is more often associated with business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, it may also be used by business-to-business (B2B) organizations to maintain contact with clients, disseminate news, and cultivate prospects. B2B SMS marketing is successful when the messages are tailored to the recipient’s needs and interests.

What Is the ROI of SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a potential channel for providing a return on investment because of its high conversion rates, which generally range from 25% to 45%. However, real ROI may differ based on factors like the quality of the subscriber list, the usefulness of the messages, and the success of the campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how much does SMS marketing cost, you can thrive your business with the newfound opportunity of targeted marketing. Surveys suggest that SMS marketing can be a great tool to achieve success, even if you are just starting. So, hire a professional to run your specified campaign, and see the turnaround of your business for yourself!

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