Hiring An International SEO Consultant: It Process, Benefits & More!

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Want to expand your business to the world but need to know exactly how to do it and stay ahead of your competitors? The truth is that there is no magic pill to achieve this result. 

However, there is a tool that can be useful to your global expansion: the international SEO consultant who will help your website rank on search engines in your countries of interest and in the languages you want to reach. Easy to say, but how do you translate these needs into action and hire the service of a consultant who meets your expectations? 

This blog post will provide some useful insight for people who are not SEO experts. Let’s start!

What Is An International SEO Consultant?

What Is An International SEO Consultant

An international SEO consultant helps your website rank higher in search results across different countries and languages. They understand how people search in various regions and can adjust your website to match these habits. This includes using the right keywords, creating relevant content, and managing technical aspects like URL structures and language tags.

Their expertise goes beyond translating your content. They ensure your site meets the cultural and regional preferences of users worldwide, helping your business reach a global audience effectively.

What Is The Difference Between An SEO Consultant And An International SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant helps improve a website’s ranking in search engine results. They focus on optimizing content, keywords, and other factors to attract more visitors from search engines like Google. Their work mainly targets a specific language and region, usually within a single country.

They do similar work but on a global scale. They help your site rank higher in search results across different languages and countries. This requires understanding the nuances of various languages, cultures, and search habits. For example, the way people search for information in Japan might be different from how they search in France.

For example, an international  SEO expert needs to know how to use the right URL patterns and tags to make a website work with more than one language. They also need to understand the cultural context to create relevant content that appeals to users in different countries.

While an SEO consultant focuses on optimizing for a specific region and language, an international SEO consultant works to improve a site’s search visibility across many languages and countries. This makes them essential for businesses looking to reach a global audience.

What Does An International SEO Consultant Offer?

What Does An International SEO Consultant Offer

If you want your business’ website to rank higher in search engine results pages in countries all across the globe, all while performing in different languages, then nearly every single service an international SEO consultant provides is important for you.  

Here are the key services:

Content Creation

It’s easier to rank on Google or any other search engine with relevant, quality content. An international SEO consultant will help create content that is suitable for audiences around the world. That can entail more than just translation services. It also involves localizing the content to suit the cultural and linguistic preferences of each regional target market.

A company can sell the same product around the world, but the descriptions used in advertising and marketing might have to be tweaked, focusing on different features that users in different countries are more likely to find appealing. Also, the consultant will make sure that the content is optimized with appropriate keywords and phrases that local users are more likely to type in as search queries.


Geotargeting means tailoring your site for geographic regions. A good international SEO consultant will be able to use tools such as hreflang tags to tell the search engines that a page on your site is for a particular language or country.

This means that when the search engines identify someone who is searching in, say, France, they will divert them to your French site, not your Japanese site. If all is done right, the search engines can distribute your traffic to the relevant version of your site in all the countries in which you do business. This improves the user experience, which in turn will improve your rankings in all the different regions in which you do business.

Keyword Research

While keyword research is a basic part of search engine optimization (SEO), international keyword research demands a deeper knowledge of local search behaviors and linguistics. During an international SEO consultation, a consultant will perform extensive research to identify exactly what keywords will be most appropriate for every target market.

This involves taking a deep dive to see what search terms potential users type into the search box, as well as the local slang, regional spelling differences, and cultural differences. By choosing the correct keywords, you can make sure that your content is easy to find for users in each country.

Link Building

Link building is the art of getting reputable backlinks from other websites. When a high-quality site links to you, that’s a sign to Google and other search engines that your site is worthy of trust and authority. An international SEO consultant’s goals revolve around developing a strong backlink profile from reputable URLs worldwide.

You have to put the work in to encourage link-building by reaching out to bloggers, industry publications, and other sites in different parts of the world where your services or products can resonate. Effective link-building equates to increased visibility and trustworthiness of your site on a global scale.

Technical SEO & Mobile Optimization

A technical SEO focuses on optimizing the backend structure of your website – the nuts and bolts that make up webpages – to make them more visible to Google. An international SEO, meanwhile, ensures that your site is technically accessible to search engines in other countries and that it adheres to technical requirements so that users around the world can view your site.

This might mean optimizing page speed, responsive design (to ensure cross-compatibility with mobile devices), and maintaining practices around international URL structures. Mobile optimization is particularly important because more users access the web via mobile devices, so the consultant ensures that your site is accessible anywhere, anytime, for mobile users.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

Performance analysis and reporting are needed to track your SEO results. An SEO consultant (international) will provide you with an in-depth report of your website’s key metrics, covering organic traffic, keyword ranking, and the given condition back to Google, your competitions, conversions, and indications.

A detailed SEO report allows you to know how your website is performing in international markets. This SEO consultant uses accurate tools such as Google Analytics and search console data to inform you how your site is being used and viewed by users and factors affecting its performance in different regions.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a way of thoroughly examining your website to find out if there are any potential problems making your website performance poor. When a highly skilled international SEO consultant does an audit, it is an in-depth review of the site architecture and content structure of a website. The international SEO consultant also focuses on keyword organic ranking, content quality, backlink profiles, and thousands of other ranking factors.

The SEO consultant will check to make sure that everything runs smoothly when it comes to your site being visible in other countries. After the identification of problems, the highly trained international SEO consultant will guide you with suggestions and recommendations to improve your site’s SEO health and help your site perform better on an international front.

Benefits Of Hiring An International SEO Consultant

Benefits Of Hiring An International SEO Consultant

Hiring an international SEO consultant offers many benefits for businesses looking to expand their reach globally. Here are seven key advantages:

Expertise in Multilingual SEO

An international SEO consultant understands how to optimize your website for different languages. They know the best practices for using hreflang tags, which tell search engines the language and region your content targets. This helps ensure that users in various countries see the right version of your site, improving their experience and your search rankings.

Cultural Insights

An international SEO consultant brings valuable cultural insights. They understand the cultural nuances and preferences of different markets. This means they can help create content that resonates with local audiences. By knowing what appeals to people in different regions, they can make your marketing more effective.

Better Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of SEO. An international SEO consultant conducts thorough research to find the best keywords for each target market. They consider regional language differences, local slang, and search habits. This targeted approach helps your content rank higher in local search results.

Improved Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves optimizing your website’s structure and backend to help search engines crawl and index it more efficiently. An international SEO consultant ensures that your site meets the technical requirements of different countries. This includes optimizing page load times, ensuring mobile compatibility, and managing international URL structures.

Effective Link Building

Link building involves getting other websites to link to yours. These backlinks can improve your site’s authority and search engine rankings. An international SEO consultant focuses on building a diverse backlink profile from reputable sites in various countries. This can enhance your site’s credibility and visibility globally.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

An international SEO consultant provides regular performance reports. These reports show how your site is performing in different markets. They include key metrics like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. By analyzing this data, the consultant can identify areas for improvement and adjust strategies accordingly.

Better SEO Audits

An SEO audit is a comprehensive review of your website to find any issues that might be affecting its performance. An international SEO consultant conducts thorough audits to evaluate factors like site architecture, content quality, and backlink profile. They also check for technical issues that could impact your site’s visibility in different countries. Based on the audit, they provide recommendations to improve your site’s SEO health.

How To Hire An International SEO Consultant?

How To Hire An International SEO Consultant

Here are six simple steps to follow when looking for the right consultant:

Define Your Goals

Start by clearly defining what you want to achieve with international SEO. Do you want to increase traffic from specific countries? Are you looking to improve your rankings for non-English keywords? Knowing your goals will help you find a consultant with the right skills and experience.

Research Potential Consultants

Look for consultants who specialize in international SEO. You can find them through online searches, industry forums, or recommendations from other businesses. Check their websites and look for case studies or examples of their work. This will give you an idea of their expertise and the types of results they have achieved for other clients.

Evaluate Their Experience

Experience is crucial in international SEO. Look for consultants who have worked with clients in different countries and languages. Ask about specific projects they have handled and the outcomes. An experienced consultant will understand the complexities of working with various markets and can offer valuable insights.

Check References and Reviews

Ask for references from previous clients and read online reviews. Contact the references to ask about their experiences working with the consultant. Did the consultant deliver on their promises? Were they easy to work with? Did they provide regular updates and reports? Positive feedback from past clients is a good indicator of a reliable consultant.

Discuss Their Approach

Arrange a meeting or call with potential consultants to discuss their approach to international SEO. Ask how they conduct keyword research, create content, and build links for different markets. Please find out how they handle technical SEO issues like hreflang tags and mobile optimization. Make sure their methods align with your goals and that they follow best practices.

Consider Budget and Pricing

Finally, consider your budget and the consultant’s pricing. International SEO can be more complex and time-consuming than domestic SEO so that costs may be higher. Get a detailed quote that outlines the services included and any ongoing costs. Compare the quotes from different consultants, but don’t choose based solely on price. The cheapest option may only sometimes provide the best value.


How long does it take to see results from international SEO efforts?

The timeline for seeing results from international SEO can vary depending on factors such as your industry’s competitiveness, the quality of your website and content, and the effectiveness of the consultant’s strategies.

What ongoing maintenance is required for international SEO?

International SEO requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments to keep up with changes in search engine algorithms, market trends, and user behavior. Regular content updates, technical optimizations, and link-building efforts are essential for maintaining and improving your website’s international visibility.

What are the common challenges faced in international SEO?

Language barriers, cultural differences, technical complexities, and competition from local businesses in target markets are common challenges in international SEO.

How does an international SEO consultant conduct keyword research for different countries?

An international SEO consultant conducts keyword research by analyzing local search trends, language variations, and cultural nuances in target countries. They use tools and data to identify relevant keywords that resonate with each audience.

What is the importance of localizing content in international SEO?

Localizing content ensures that it resonates with the cultural preferences and language nuances of each target market, leading to better user engagement and higher search rankings in those regions.

How does an international SEO consultant measure the success of their strategies?

An international SEO consultant measures success through metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and international search visibility. Regular performance analysis and reporting help track progress and identify areas for improvement.

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