Is Graphic Design Hard?- The Design Career Guide in 2024!

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You might have used apps and software with awestruck visuals. If you were captivated by the visuals, you might also have a sudden outburst of motivation towards becoming a graphic designer. 

So is graphic design hard? Well, it is a bit complicated to answer this question. Whether graphic designing is complex or not depends on you and your passion for it. In general, though, the answer is no! Graphic design is not hard at all! 

Want to know more about what to expect from this career? Well, you are in the right place for this! Scroll down below and keep reading to get all your expectations met!

Is Graphic Design Hard To Learn?

Is Graphic Design Hard To Learn

If you expect the implications of graphic design to be on the same level as rocket science or nuclear genetics, prepare to be surprised! This is because graphic design isn’t complicated compared to these massive subjects of never-ending diabolism!  

Learning graphics design isn’t hard. If anything, it is one of the most straightforward career choices to master. 

However, note that this career requires a certain level of creativity and potential. If you cannot show the right aptitude, graphic design might not be your cup of tea. 

In addition, graphic designers are required to practice their craft and improve their skills in design constantly. While the theory can be learned quickly, putting it into practical projects will require an ample amount of dedication.

As long as you can prevail and show enough promise, learning Graphic design will not be hard for you.

Reasons Why Graphic Designing Is Not Hard

Reasons Why Graphic Designing Is Not Hard

Are you wondering why we have concluded that graphic design is not intricate? Well, there are plenty of reasons supporting our statement. 

Below we have compiled some of these reasons that make graphic designing not a challenging occupation. Who knows? You might even be surprised to find some of these reasons.

You Can Learn It By Yourself

Can you learn to be an astronomer by yourself? Can you become an engineer without any formal education? You can, however, with graphic design, you can learn it by yourself and even become a professional designer if you are good at it. 

It Is Easier To Learn That To Draw

It is easy to get frustrated with drawing or sketching with pencil and paper. Graphic design or web design has nothing to do with withdrawing. You need to input your ideas into designs on your desktop. No documents or pencils are involved.      

Positive Attitude Is A Must

Unlike most other professions, you’re choosing to be a graphic designer because you are a fun guy who makes a living based on his creativity. There is nothing serious about working with graphic designs. With an optimistic attitude, you can have an extra mile worth of growth in this profession.

What Skills Are Needed To Become A Decent Graphic Designer?

What Skills Are Needed To Become A Decent Graphic Designer

To become an excellent graphic designer, it is vital to have the right skill set that sets you apart from your competitor. 

As someone interested in graphic designing, you might be thinking of what these skills could be. Well, these skills can be categorized into two parts as provided below:

Technical Skills

This skill set refers to the mandatory skills for every graphic designer’s acquisition. It includes different concepts like branding, creativity, fine art, traditional graphic design, motion graphics, logo design, website design principles, UX design, and UI design, etc. 

Soft Skills

Unlike the technical skills, you are not required to master this skill set. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can avoid acquiring soft skills at all. 

Soft skills are the key to becoming a successful graphic designer or web designers . It involves creativity, visual communication, problem-solving, time management, etc. In a way, soft skills can be said to be personal skills.

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What Tools Are Required To Work With Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing isn’t only about copying and pasting artworks into certain places. There is plenty of work to be done and plenty more tools needed to achieve these tasks. We have listed the tools that a good graphic designer or any graphic design student need to use in their work:

  • Graphic design software like adobe creative suite and adobe indesign for photoshop, vector sketching, typography, and polygon forming.
  • Pen and paper for rough sketches and art notes.
  • Computer with high definition monitor for inputting and outputting all data.
  • Stylus and graphics tablet with which you will be drawing.
  • Storage device to store all of your work on. 
  • How Long Does It Take To Become A Graphics Designer?

How Long Does It Take To Become A Graphic Designer?

The length of time required for a person to become a graphic designer varies from person to person. It can be a year for someone, while it can take several years for somebody else. 

This time can be unpredictable sometimes since it depends on the current state of the designer and how exactly they are learning to design. 

If the learner is learning independently, they might need a longer time to master the craft completely compared to someone who knows from paid courses. Additionally, dedication and personal skills also play a vital role in determining how long a person will take to become a graphics designer.

What Are The Most In-demand Graphics Designing Jobs?

Graphics designing doesn’t simply refer to designing apps, software, systems, etc. These jobs are the mere basics of what a graphic designing job entails. 

Other than these jobs, several other graphic designing jobs are even more in-demand than the ones we have mentioned above. Some of these popular jobs have been listed below:

  • Product Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UX and UI Designer
  • Illustrator
  • AR/VR Designer
  • Motion Designer 
  • How To Become A Graphics Designer

How To Become A Graphic Designer?

How To Become A Graphic Designer

If you are done with your research and utterly adamant about becoming a graphics designer, specific general steps can take you on the right path.

Formal Education

There is no degree or formal education requirement for pursuing a career in graphic art and art history. However, it is mandatory that you have general knowledge of working with computers and other related devices.

Make A Portfolio 

Build up your portfolio correctly and neatly with the best of the previously completed projects. Remember your potential employers will judge your worth using your portfolio. Therefore start working on the portfolio early.

Build Up A Network

Every artist from every industry needs to build a network. If you can join a proper circle and make a connection with them, you will be able to get a designer job earlier than your other peers once you master your craft.

Tips On Becoming A Graphics Designer

Trust us when we say this but becoming a graphics designer is easy. All you need is enough dedication and the drive to succeed in racing your goal.

Also remember, the better your role the more salary you will receive. For instance, an art director or creative director will receive more salary than any other graphic design jobs no matter how the graphic design skills.

Below we have listed some tips that could help you out in your journey to becoming a successful graphics designer before landing your dream design job.

  • Study and try to understand the basic principles.
  • Develop your personal skills.
  • Study other people’s works and take notes from them.
  • Become proficient in working with different artworks and systems like print design, ux designer, digital designers, etc.
  • Repeat and relearn to hone your personal style in different design elements.
  • Attend a graphic design program and take a graphic design degree if you can.

FAQs On “Is Graphics Design Hard?”

Who Hires Graphics Designers?

Whether they are large or small business owners, every company requires graphics designers. Graphic designers play an indirect role in increasing the net turnover of the business that has hired them.

What Software Does Graphics Designers Use?

Any graphic designing software should do the task. The most popular software is Adobe Creative Cloud/ Suit. In addition, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe illustrator are also popular software choices that you can choose from. 

Is Graphic Designing A Good Career To Choose?

Whether it is a good or a wrong career depends on the person’s passion for designing. Graphics design does have a demand for it. It is a promising career if you can handle the stress and creativity of the job entities. Besides freelance graphic designer who works for user experience development is a very favorable designing job.

What Is The Average Graphic Designing Wage?

The wage of a graphic designer depends on the experience from your graphic designer resume and the position of the person. However, the average salary for a designer is supposed to be $17 per hour. Of course, that is only the average wage. This means that wages from other companies can be either much lower or even higher. 

Final Point

Is graphic design hard? By now, you should have more than enough knowledge to know that it isn’t that hard. However, do note that mastering the craft can take a long time, depending on your current knowledge level. 

Of course, even if it takes a long time, the final result will be pretty lucky since the job has quite a high demand in the world. If you want to make a living from your passion, graphics design is a good career choice. 

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