Is Web Development A Good Career? Know Before You Pursue 

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Starting in web development is like entering a parallel universe where code constructs the very fabric of the web. Web developers are like magicians in a digital realm where imagination and code intertwine to create something new. 

But is web development a good career? Yes, with a combination of technical, creative, and interpersonal abilities, web development is a lucrative option for individuals seeking a career path that is both promising and in high demand. There is a great deal of room for advancement in the industry. 

Web development is one of the most rapidly expanding occupations due to the ever-changing nature of the digitally-driven Internet of Things and the thriving e-commerce sector. So, if you want to thrive in this area, let’s dive in to know more!

Why Is Web Development A Good Career?

Why Is Web Development A Good Career

Most young graduates and professionals get into web development because of their love and passion for coding. Apart from providing the opportunity to create something extremely technical and live your passion, this field has a lot to offer. 

High-Demand Job Opportunities

The demand for web developers in every industry is growing rapidly. Every new business in any industry these days needs a website or mobile app. With the arrival of Web 3.0, most companies, along with Fortune 500 companies, are hiring more experienced web developers than ever. 

High Salaries

The salary of a web developer is pretty tempting compared to other jobs available in the market. An entry-level junior developer earns at least $67k-$70k annually, whereas a senior developer may earn somewhere between $90k-$120k depending on their skills, years of experience, and the company they work for.  

Creative Work Field

Working with websites and programming languages to create something different each time to cater to clients is fascinating. It opens the creative door and allows you to play with your technical abilities.

Remote Working Opportunities

Most web development jobs these days offer remote working opportunities. This means you can work from anywhere and don’t have to relocate for the job. Some companies also offer flexible hours to complete your projects, creating a rather healthy working environment. 

Also, you are allowed to go completely online and freelance your way to the clients. Nowadays, many high school graduates and young professionals with bachelor’s degrees are taking courses to start their careers as freelancers. It allows you to set your work hours, payment structure, and independence to choose your client. 

Entrepreneurial Journey 

With web development, your skills are not bound to 9-5 jobs. Many young people with a few years of experience have started their ventures in this field. If your heart is set on becoming an entrepreneur, it’s time to use your coding skills and turn them into a business. 

Do Web Developers Make Good Money?

Do Web Developers Make Good Money?

Glassdoor reports that web developers in the US earn an average of $81,957 per year. A base salary of $77,367 plus an average additional $4,589 per year makes up this amount.  

Here is a glance at the standard salary range for different areas around the USA:

  • California: The standard salary in San Francisco is about $114,057 per year, whereas in Los Angeles, CA, it is around $88,965 per year. In San Jose, it is around $114k per year.
  • Texas: The average salary in Houston is around $84k per year. 
  • Washington: In Washington, the average salary for web developers is about $110k per year. 
  • Florida: In Orlando, the average salary is about $110k per year.  

Salaries based on experience:

  • Entry-level developer: $58.8k/year. Interestingly, entry-level web designers are listed as having a higher salary of $65.3k/year.
  • Senior Web Developer: Above $100k/year. The top per cent could make up to $198k/year, and the lowest is $36k. (Source)

Skills Required For A Career In Web Development 

Skills Required For A Career In Web Development

Web development is continuously changing with emerging technology. So, brushing up your technical and soft skills consistently has become a necessity to stay on top of the game. Many may consider knowing multiple programming languages or coding alone enough to land you a web development job or lead you to success. 


These are gateways to building a basic website. HTML is responsible for building the basic structure, any beginner should be well-versed in HTML, CSS syntax, and properties and have a few projects that can be said to be the bricks to build a website. CSS is required for the styling. 

Backend Programming Languages

Backend development is essential to connect the codes to a database, which allows the storage of data from the front end of the website. The most popular languages for this are Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc. 

It is recommended to start your learning curve with Python. As you continue to develop, adding more languages to your skill set will be a better idea. Most of the senior web developers have mastered at least 3-4 languages.


Git is a version control tool that allows you to monitor the codes you have stored and change them as required. It is great for troubleshooting problems. 


Web developers should be aware of using proper techniques while building a website so that it helps when the SEO is done. Writing SEO-friendly URLs, making mobile-friendly websites, and using correct redirects are a few examples of this. 

Responsive Website Design

It makes a website alter and adjust to various types of screen sizes. For example, using responsive web design will allow a website to adjust to the screen size of a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. It makes a website accessible to all viewers on various devices. 


Content Management Systems (CMS) helps individuals build websites without having any coding skills or experience. Platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify are the most popular examples of CMS websites.

Testing And Debugging

Testing and debugging is a tiresome yet crucial technical skill. This makes sure the website has no errors, and finding that error out of thousands of codes written is not a piece of cake.


Frameworks and libraries are pre-written codes available to use to speed up a website if needed. Learning how to use React, Angular, and Vue.js is crucial to saving time. 

The Future Of Web Development 

The Future Of Web Development

With new-age technologies and Web 3.0 on the horizon, it is obvious that this space is going to take a rapid turn within the next 5-10 years. As a front-end or backend developer, keep updated with the new integrations.  

  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: AI and ML are going to change the way web development is done. AI-driven personalization, customized content generation, and user data streamlining are about to bring about a significant change.
  • Progressive Web Apps: PWAs are websites that function similarly to a mobile application, even when offline. It offers a seamless user experience, fast loading times, and allows working on multiple devices at a time.  
  • Visual And Voice Search Optimization: Voice and visual search optimization are hot topics in the tech world. It will allow users to use their voice to search for things on the internet through voice assistants and other new integrations. 
  • Web 3.0: It is here to change the trajectory of how technology and the internet work. This is known as the semantic web, which shows a shift towards interconnected technology where information is equally shared and understood by both humans and machines.  

Will AI Replace Web Developers?

Will AI Replace Web Developers?

There’s no denying that AI has emerged as a challenging ally for web developers. Efficiency and productivity have been greatly improved with the integration of AI tools in website development

But, instead of being threatened by AI tools, human developers and AI work hand in hand to speed up iteration, enhance error detection, and uncover new design possibilities.

Nevertheless, the idea of AI fully displacing web developers is still a long way off. Artificial intelligence (AI) is great at following rules and doing repetitive tasks, but it still can’t solve complex problems or think creatively like a human developer. 

Web developers must be able to think critically, adapt quickly, and have a human touch when faced with complex and unique challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Front-End Developers In Demand?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% growth in employment for front-end developers from 2019 to 2029, indicating that the demand for their services will remain high. Skilled front-end developers are in high demand due to the growing importance of businesses’ online presence in today’s digital landscape.  

Should I Learn Web Development In 2023?

Web development is a growing industry with plenty of room for advancement thanks to rising demand and constant innovation. It is always updating, even in 2023. There will always be a high demand for web developers, so you should give it a try.

Who Is A Fullstack Developer?

An expert in both the front end and the back end of an application or website is known as a full-stack developer. What this means is that they are experts at both the front end, which is the interface that users interact with, and the back end, which consists of the server’s logic, databases, and configuration.  

Is Web Developer A Stressful Job?

Web development, especially when dealing with high-stakes projects or projects with short deadlines, can be a demanding and stressful profession. Several factors, such as the workload, the team environment, and the coping strategies of the individual designer, can greatly affect the level of stress. 

Wrapping Up

If you are still confused about is web development is a good career, you should take a chill pill because it is always a good idea to learn web development. Our research shows that the demand for web developers has been gaining popularity, even with the emergence of AI tools. So, if you want to take a chance in this sector, it is high time to do so!

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