UX Designer Vs Front End Developer – How to Choose the Best Field?

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The rapid growth in the field of computer science and technology has resulted in an increase in the number of students opting for these fields.

There is a wide range of computers and related degrees that guarantee you the profession in Information Technology.

However, if the question is about UX designer vs front end developer which one is better with respect to the income, market demand, and other factors?

Well, front-end development covers a wide area in web designing and development. The front-end developers are mainly involved in all the activities for a better website outlook. However, the UX designers are involved in the user experience designs and research, which helps to create better and easier designs.

This article will give you the complete information that helps you distinguish between UX designers and front-end developers, before giving a reasoned conclusion.

Overview: UX Designer Vs Front-End Developer

When discussing web development, the front-end developer, back-end developer, and the UX designer both play a crucial role.

Also, both works merely in the same way. However, there are some noticeable differences in the job role of both professionals.

Let us have a look at some of the key differences:

CategoryUX DesignerFront-end Developer
Degree RequirementNot needed.Holds a proper degree.
ProgrammingHave no expertise in programming.They are skilled in programming..
Salary Not more than an IT degree holder.Earns much more than a UX/UI designer.
MarketThey are sought after in the marketplace.The front-end developers are always needed in web design.
RoleDesigning the websites in best user experience designs.They design websites using the advanced programming language.

How To Pursue A Career As UX/UI Designer?

If you wish to pursue a career as a user experience or the user interface designer, you need to follow the following steps:

Taking An Introductory Course 

If you wish to start a full-fledged career as a UX/UI designer, enroll in an introductory course. 

The introductory course gives you the basic knowledge and helps you understand some core foundational concepts. Some of these concepts tell you what prototyping is? 

And what is the difference between UI design and UX design? Some basic user research and some essential details you need to learn as a designer.

Start Designing

Start designing as it will give you more experience. When you start to create, no matter good or bad, you will learn different design techniques like visual and graphic designs.

Sharing Your Designs

After you start making your UX designs, it is essential to get feedback. 

Thus, share your designs to get an idea of the areas in which your techniques are lacking. So it is better to share your creations with someone who can tell you what you are doing right or what is wrong.

What Are The Essential Skills Needed For Front-End Development?

What Are The Essential Skills Needed For Front-End Development?

If you wish to work as a front-end developer or website designer. You need to know some critical skills before starting to work as a front-end developer. You can also watch videos to get more information regarding the vital skill sets for front-end development.

Let us have a look at some of these skills:

Fundamental Languages

To work as a front-end developer, you need to start with the essential or foundation programming language like HTML, CSS, or JAVASCRIPT

These are the fundamental languages of front-end web development.


The building of websites often needs to include a bunch of repetitive tasks. It is where front-end frameworks and libraries come. 

It has a lot of codes that we can reuse on our websites. The framework helps us do our tasks faster.

Version Control Systems

The version control system helps us track our assignments and work as a team. 

The systematic and proper process to complete the task is why the version control system is vital in software development teams.

How Are The UX Designer And The Front End Developer Involved In Web Development?

There are various experts involved in the process of web development or product development.

The product manager ensures the perfect product design and works collaterally to ensure user experience design.

The product manager collaborates with a user experience design process, who interacts with the user interface or the UI developer.

The  role of the UX Designer Vs Front-End Developer is designing the website characters.

While the front-end developer ensures that the website functions smoothly using fundamental programming languages.

All of the experts involved in web development have technical skills that aid in front-end development.

However, the visual designer is the web designer who falls in the marketing department.

What Is The Role Of The Graphics And Visual Designer?

The website development or the website design team involves various experts that aid in the best functioning of the website.

Let us consider the role of the graphics and visual designer:

Graphic Design

For the web application to look perfect, the graphic designer should collaborate with the UX/UI designers to ensure the smooth working of the website.

They are also ensuring that the website is user-friendly and convenient.

The stack developer is also involved in the process of making a user-friendly website.

Visual design

The visual designer uses adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator software (you can consider Adobe Premiere Elements) to ensure that the website looks very catchy.

Also, the visual designer works with UX principles and user interface designers to make interaction designs.

Nowadays, the web developer has an added skill if he knows the latest Adobe XD  for editing.

You can check out Adobe XD in a book for a complete idea about its features.

Some Extra Information

Do I Need A Bachelor’s Degree To Become A Ux Designer?

No, you do not need any degree in visual or graphic design to become a UX engineer. 

However, it would be best if you had a core understanding of the essential concepts that go into visual design. 

You need to know the topography, color array, and judgment of components.

What Is The Difference Between A Framework And A Library?

The main difference between a framework and a library is that the framework forces our application into a proper structure

Therefore, all the applications formed by the angular frameworks have a similar design and structure. 

However, libraries do not move our applications into any particular format or layout.

What Are The Uses Of Programming Languages?

The different programming languages have different functions and roles to play in web designing.

HTML in web design is used to structure the web pages correctly and in a proper way.

The programmers use CSS to make the web design look attractive; however, Javascript helps properly program the website.

Lastly, Which Field Is Better To Pursue?

Finally, it is evident from the above information when choosing between a  UX Designer Vs Front-End Developer that front-end development covers a vast area in web designing.

Also, there is an increased market demand for front-end developers than the UX designers.

As the front-end developer plays a significant role in the physical outlook of the website, they work with various designers to make your website look attractive.

On the other hand, UX designers work on designing based on user experience and user research.

And the stats are sufficient to prove the rising trend when comparing the remuneration of front-end developers and the UX designers.

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